Reset Your Metabolism

My focus and previous clients have all struggled with their weight or health in some capacity.  My specialty is finding a solution where one doesn’t seem possible.  If you have given up, are wanting to achieve a greater health goal than you have been able to, or generally eat healthy food, and can’t lose weight let’s find a solution that works for YOU.  Stop feeling powerless and frustrated.

You can control cravings and avoid its impact on your life, especially on your self esteem. Cravings for sugar, starchy foods or simple carbohydrates under times of stress can keep you stuck in a cycle of weight gain and hopelessness.
Let’s stop the insanity and break this cycle together.  I use scientific methods to finally solve the underlying mental, emotional and physical puzzle.  Which triggers a healthy weight loss and inner peace with food that becomes second nature.  The good news is, much of this can be done over the phone.  In person appointments are optional for those who work better in this situation.

Have you ever wanted to know exactly how much food you should eat—and in what proportions—to keep your body running perfectly? Ever wondered exactly which foods are best for you—not for your skinny friend who can eat anything? 

This plan is as unique as you and helps you know that you are doing the right things to stay in optimal health so you look better, feel better, live longer. 

Do You: 

• Eat okay, but feel out of control with certain foods especially during times of stress? 

• Know better and yet sometimes you just can’t stop munching? 

• Start eating a treat and before you know it you’ve eaten the whole thing? 

• Feel embarrassed to see old friends or be in front of a camera? 

• Worry you’ll end up with diabetes? 

• Self sabotage and can’t lose the inches? 

You can end the love/hate relationship with food. I know you may have tried “everything” but if you’re still struggling then you haven’t tried this. 


• Ending the struggle with food so you can simply enjoy eating & just living life

• Looking forward to opening your closet and actually LOVE shopping for clothes 

• Having your child or loved one notice you’re glowing & genuinely happy

• Feeling that spring in your step, and achieving goals you previously thought impossible

• Showing up at the next party feeling confident and carefree

• Feeling good when buttoning your jeans

• Keeping treats in your home without fear of eating it all in one sitting 

• Being able to enjoy your favorite food or guilty pleasure without regret 

Introducing The Metabolism Reset Program

A 16-Week one-on-one coaching option where you receive an individualized plan to help you achieve lasting weight loss, and end your struggle.  This program is designed to help you let go of your unwanted habits and stress that keep you stuck. We’ll use Coaching and other powerful tools that work. Your individualized nutritional plan will balance your hormones, repair your metabolism and help you lose the weight in a healthy way. This eating plan is based on your metabolic blood panel. You will have the key to balance your metabolism, hormones, and control your weight, for the rest of your life. No more worrying about what foods are right for you. You’ll know what feels good and you’ll feel better when you eat them! You’ll have flexibility for your ongoing healthy lifestyle.

The Break Down: 

Kick your program off with your 60-min consultation to ensure your weight loss plan is 100% customized to you, your body, and your needs.  After which we will order your metabolic blood panel, which determines your nutritional needs. There is no one size fits all when it comes to health and this is one of the things that makes our Metabolism Reset Program different from anything else you’ve tried. 

Additional sessions include strategies to help you create a clear mental and emotional picture of what your heart desires, which helps you stay connected to your goal. We’ll create tools to help you stay on track, helping you feel confident even when life’s stressors kick in!

Over the next 14 weeks you will have 3 private sessions either in person, via skype or phone conversations. Through this time be prepared to release what’s weighing you down and has kept you from reaching your goals. Each session is different, and is designed to help you release your obstacles and mental blocks for good!

These sessions include help for keeping you on track, tweaking your food plan and helping you find solutions for any issues (social, lifestyle, old habits, etc.) which may be hindering you from following your plan and getting the results your heart desires. Through this process you will be changing the habits that you’ve been wanting to change.  Coaching helps these changes stick!

During and after your have completed your program, you are invited to join us at our regular monthly live learning webinars.  These webinars are designed to keep you on track for life, help you get through stresses or instances which threaten your new found freedom, and set the stage for your next level of success.  If you schedule prevents you from joining in live, there will be recordings available, so you can participate when you’re ready. 

How does this work?:

During your first few weeks, you will notice changes, you may find you can’t believe you used to overeat a certain food you once craved. You may walk past it and have no interest. This usually goes on for 7 to 10 days. After which you see the food and wonder if you should have some. The craving isn’t there, but it’s like, ‘Hey, I deserve this or it’s free, I should have one or should I have one?’ You may even have some, but find that you don’t overeat and it wasn’t really a big deal anyways. This is not a bad sign, it’s just an indication that you need to do your next session as the next layer ready to be healed is coming up. You can only heal so much in one month without overwhelming your system. 

Seven to 14 days later depending on your situation and your previous eating habits, you notice that you feel less dramatic, and that we can dig a little deeper to get to the root of your problem.  Your “monkey” maybe climbing off your back, and you’re already feeling a whole lot better.

This month typically focuses on specific foods which are rearing their heads at your, or the more subtle attraction to food that sounds like ‘It’s no big deal, I’m doing so well, I deserve a treat, I should have one.’  During this time, we also work on fear of being deprived if you eat healthy foods or the fear of not being able to lose weight. Whatever you choose to focus on, once you’re done with this month, you most often are able to eat just one without overeating or falling back into the cycle of craving or overeating.

During the remainder of your program, we will focus on helping you let go of any patterns or fears that the cravings will come back or resistance that comes up as you move closer to your goal. It helps you feel solid in your new way of being, and you can then turn to what you want for moving forward in your life. It also helps you shift at a deeper level so if and when severe stress comes up, you don’t automatically resort to your old habits (If you do resort to those habits, you’ll have the tools of your Metabolism Reset for yourself to help you get back in balance quickly). 


In addition you will receive a few tools I personally created to help you continue to make progress towards your goals: 

1) The Brain Shift:

An exercise you can do anywhere anytime (except maybe underwater) to help shift you out of fight or flight (aka stress response) into peace and calm where you can feel your strength and your knowing and make wise decisions.

2) Visualization Success Tool:

Instructions for using imagery, and meditation to help you eliminate obstacles to reaching your goals faster and with more ease.

3) Guided Life Coaching Tools:

Access to our life coaching forms and templates, which we use throughout your program.  You will have these at your disposal to access any time you need, for a stressful event, cravings or other unwanted visitors to your peace of mind.

4) Facebook Group:

Join fellow participants in a private facebook group, get coaching, share ideas, struggles, wins, celebrations and don’t forget recipes. Being in a community is so important to reaching your goals and this group is designed for your success.

Are you a good fit for The Reset Your Metabolism Program?

You are if you answer yes to at least 7 of the following questions: 

Are You: 

• Doing your work! Whether it’s been psychotherapy, nutrition counseling, life coaching, reading books, taking workshops, going to a 12 step program (Geneen Roth, etc.) but you still struggle? 

• Actively trying to change this and stop certain behaviors, but can’t? 

• Motivated to change this even though you think you lack the willpower to do it? 

• Embarrassed about your behavior and even hide it? 

• Aware of what foods you shouldn’t eat, but may not know exactly what you should be eating? 

• Accomplished in many areas but peace with food and your weight have eluded you lately? 

• Mentally beating yourself up because you know better? 

• Tired of trying so many things without lasting success? 

• Someone who has one or more family members (parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, siblings) who has or had problems with alcohol or other substance abuse? 

• Someone who believes that your body can heal and you’d prefer to do it naturally rather than with medications or surgery? 

• Feeling like you have a greater purpose, but you’re not living up to your full potential? 

• On a spiritual path, even if you can’t describe it? 

• Sensitive (you’ve never been called thick skinned)? 

• Willing to look inward and come up with solutions (they ARE in there)? 

A little bit skeptical?

Wondering if this program will work for you?

Keep reading to see if you’re curious and would like to schedule a consult with me: 

For the right person, the Metabolism Reset is a game changer, but this will not work for everyone. It will change your life but you have to be ready to step up and do the work. Much of the work is internal, but also involves making changes with self care and food preparation habits.

Please make sure you are the right person for this level of support before you fill out an application for a consult.

The consult is not for: 

• The person looking for the latest fad, quick fix and your health is not your first priority. 

• The person who is in early stages of coping with an addiction. 

• The person who has struggled with anorexia / bulimia and has not completed treatment. 

The consult is for: 

• The person who is eager for changes, ready for inner work and willing to get to the root of what has been preventing you from feeling freedom with food and your weight. 

• The person who wants healthy weight loss and is willing to work on the internal issues to finally be free of what’s holding you back. 

• The person who wants to approach weight loss from a non drug and non diet approach – you might even have to adjust medications as your body heals (under the supervision of your doctor of course). 

If you’d like more information about who this is not for, click here to read the FAQ’s, there’s information that will help you decide. 

Ready to fall in love with your body, food,
and your life? 

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