Reset Your Metabolism FAQ’s

Is this program expensive?
This program is more expensive than other metabolic balance programs because I offer additional services, services that make it so much easier to get the results you want and maintain what you have created. I combine the metabolic balance® program with my Healthy Transformation program and do this because I am committed to helping you get results. After helping many individuals lose weight, and gain control of their weight management troubles, I was able to determine exactly what helped people stay on the program and get results.  This knowledge is incorporated into your program.  Our programs are designed to help you finally get the results you want!  Regardless of the degree of difficulty in combating food cravings, losing weight or sticking to a structured healthy eating program.

Is this program for you?

This program is not for everyone. Be honest with yourself and ask, are you:
• Uninterested in self-reflection or inner processes?

• Under the belief that things just are the way they are, healing is not possible for you?
• One to complain but you resist change?
• Aware that your cravings could be killing you, but are unwilling to let go and trust that you could feel even more satisfied inanother way?
• Unwilling to stretch or try new things?
• Unwilling to eat or prepare real food, fresh from your grocery store or farmers market?
• Under the impression that organic food is just for hippies or the privileged?
• Someone who would prefer to take pharmaceuticals if they could work for you?
• Not able to put your health first right now?
• Someone who has a hard time following directions or being guided through processes?
• Someone who has done HCG (human chorionic gonadatropin) treatments?
• Blaming your genes, your parents or your situation and are not yet taking personal responsibility?
• Unwilling to temporarily stop eating certain foods that are causing you problems?
• Unwilling to slow down on exercising for the first 2 weeks of your program (if you’re exercising vigorously)?
• If you binge on pretty much any kind of food, as opposed to specific foods?
• In the early stages of a 12 step program (less than 2 years in recovery)?
• Currently struggling with Bulimia, Anorexia and haven’t received treatment?
• You’re currently pregnant, breastfeeding or on a strict Vegan diet?
• Unwilling to abstain from alcohol until you reach your goal

Do you offer financing?

After looking into multiple programs for financing, I found that PayPal Credit is THE best option for financing this type of purchase. You can sign up for an account, and when approved, you can take 6 months to pay your balance with zero interest. If you choose this option, just make sure you pay it off within the 6 months, after that, the interest rate goes up significantly. See PayPal Credit for specific details or to apply.

Why can’t I find much about Metabolic Balance® in a Google search?

Metabolic Balance® is a program from Germany. It’s very popular in Germany and across Europe. While it’s available around the world from certified coaches, it’s popularity hasn’t yet reached what it deserves in the United States. Most people find out about Metabolic Balance® through word of mouth, so it may take a while for it to be widely known. I have found that actual results through client who can testify to my process and techniques really speak volumes!

What is Metabolic Balance®?

NOTE:  The Kleen Apothecary Shoppe’s Reset Your Metabolism program is unique.  It combines my Healthy Transformation Program with the Metabolic Balance® from Germany.  I only offer the combination of these two programs as I want my patients to
have the best possible results.  The Healthy Transformation Program is designed to help you let go of your food cravings, and self
sabotaging behaviors, creating a seamless start and guarantee success on your Metabolic Balance® program.  I am serious about your results!
METABOLIC BALANCE® – Winner of the prestigious MEDICAL WELLNESS AWARD, 2009 – The all- natural weight management system offering healthy, fast results and long term success.
Metabolic balance® is a truly unique weight adjustment program that scientifically designs and customizes an all-natural nutrition plan to address your unique metabolic health needs.  This is not your standard diet program, it is an individualized nutrition program.  Your customized nutrition plan is based on your personal blood values and  health data. Over 30 blood values are
analyzed, thus establishing the correct parameters needed for proper metabolic and hormonal function.  The nutritional scientists and physicians at the Metabolic Balance® Institute in Germany utilize a proprietary data base of foods which takes into account a foods chemistry, glycemic load and micro-nutrients to build a  precise “road map;” thus, indicating exactly those foods which are nutritionally best as “building material” for your body’s cells healthy hormones.

Your plan is holistic in that it utilizes all food groups. The Diogenes study, which was published in the New England Journal of
Medicine on 25 November 2010 by T. M. Larsen, verifies that the recommendations of metabolic balance® are in accordance with the latest scientific findings. The balanced distribution and selection of quality foods conforms to modern nutritional teaching:40–45% carbohydrates, 30–35% fat and 20–25% protein.

By adherence to your personalized plan and set of rules such as, “You must eat three meals a day,” you keep your blood-sugar in a healthy range, which balances your insulin production. By keeping insulin levels  low, you avoid hunger and food
cravings for a longer period of time. Subsequently, more fat can be burned during the spaces between your three daily meals!  Your personalized nutrition plan re-establishes and improves your natural fat burning ability (lipolysis) and kick-starts your metabolism.  While it may sound too good to be true, you actually burn most of your fat while you sleep!

Additionally, you do not need to exercise to lose weight on the program, though movement is healthy and recommended, it is not required to burn fat. Metabolic balance® does not sell you any foods, meal replacement products, powders, shakes, pills, supplements or injections. All your foods can be purchased at your local super and farmers markets.  Your program is all-natural and is designed for real world situations. You learn what foods are right for you and which are not, resulting in reaching your ideal weight. You optimize your health and establish a new meaningful relationship natural wholesome food.  Simply, you will feel fantastic, look great and you can leave dieting behind for good.  Metabolic balance® works as your nutrition program for the rest of your life.

Metabolic balance® is the accumulation of over 25 years of academic research and development. The program has been developed and is managed by a team of respected doctors, nutritionists and IT programming specialists.  Metabolic balance® has
recently undergone a comprehensive scientific study and the results have been published in the Journal of Nutrition and Metabolism.(Volume 2010, Article ID 197656)  The study demonstrates the success of the metabolic balance® system and documents that, “Adherence to the program brought significant improvements to participant’s lab values, weight adjustment and greatly assisted their shift to a remarkably better health related quality of life.”

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