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“Bonni is dedicated and can really relate and stays positive and focused; and by being this way, she helps her clients stay positive and focused. She has helped me to lose 40 pounds. She reassured me all the way through, and kept me motivated and on track. thanks Bonni! In addition, she is a pleasure to work with and you WILL get results with her because she customizes a plan specifically to fit your needs. She never recommends anything unless she has tried it or experienced it first!!” – Katherine B.

“I have been using Bonnie for almost a month and she has been great! I have never felt so good about working out and very comfortable … She is flexible and now a days it is great for someone to work around LIFE! Her attitude is upbeat and encouraging. The program she has is tailored to you as an individual. She gets an A++++ in my book!” – Casandra L.

“Hello Folks! Still rolling along with Bonni and doing great! She is still supportive and helps me in every avenue of weight loss with a gentle touch. She motivates you a lot to reach your weight loss goals. I still highly recommend her services if you are looking to lose weight in a healthy way! P.S. I need to purchase new clothes because all my clothes are too big! Bonni gets results for sure. She should be your number one pick!” – Casandra L.

“Bonni is an AMAZING [Health & Fitness Coach]. She is very knowledgeable and really takes the time to get to know you to create a perfect workout routine [and nutrition program] designed for you. She’s always giving helping information on the right foods to eat but most of all you really feel you are working with your best friend!” – Dianna I.

“Bonni is a superlative weight loss coach, like no other. Her ability to motivate and inspire others is truly a gift. Her organizational and interpersonal lend to her success by allowing her to negotiate unique opportunities for her clients and for those who support her. I am so glad to be working … with Bonni, and highly recommend her Get Healthy program if you want to lose weight or just get healthy.” – Jennifer K.

“I need to buy all new clothes because they’re becoming too small.  In my case, that is a good thing. Having a freakishly fast metabolism (its a good thing and a bad thing) and combined with a small-ish frame,  I’ve always been on the thin side. That’s changing.  I came to Bonni for new ways to work out, as the traditional weight training just wasn’t working for me. I get too bored too easily. So I joined up with Bonni’s tri-weekly bootcamp, and I love it. It makes working out fun for me, as it combines cardio (which I enjoy) with weight training using various techniques.  Long story short, I’ve never been more fit in my life… even after running the Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon. I feel stronger, look better, everyday activities are much easier to do, physically feel better, and have much more confidence. I went from 161 pounds after the marathon to 175 in lean mass. For me, that is no small feat considering the 3000+ **healthy** calories I need to eat in order for me to even sustain my weight without adding fat.

Scrawny to athletic in 4 months. I’ll take it. I can’t say much about losing weight with her program… but apparently that works, too. :)” – Adam L.

“I have not yet used Bonni’s services one-on-one as a personal trainer, although I fully intend to do so as soon as some health issues have been resolved and I have my doctor’s permission.  I have, however, attended several walks and events organized by Bonni, and have been extremely impressed.  She is very genuine, and her approach is upbeat, but also realistic.  She is always making suggestions as to how to improve one’s health & fitness in gentle, non-threatening ways.  She is incredibly encouraging.  She thoroughly investigates any service provider she recommends, and follows up regarding experiences to be sure that they were positive and address any negative issues.  She takes what she does very seriously, and gives very reasonable advice.  She understands that, to many of the people who use any of her services, exercise and proper nutrition may be foreign &/or difficult concepts and she handles those people in a way that sets them on a positive path without feeling the (often threatening) need for an immediate all-out lifestyle change.  The fact that her program involves donation of funds to a worthy cause is fantastic icing on the cake! 

I would highly recommend Bonni to anyone, but especially to those who need extra encouragement and gentle handling.  I very much look forward to being able to use her services one-on-one and will update my posting when I do.  I’m sure I will only have favorable experiences to report!” – Debbie B.


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