LIFE IS SIMPLE if you allow it to be.  Kleen Apothecary Shoppe and my K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple & Sweet) health rebuilding program was born out of the drive to spread this message.  Many of us get wrapped up in the stress of life.  Working too many hours, having to get the kids from school to soccer, to home, to bed … it all gets so overwhelming!  How are you supposed to plan meals, eat healthy, feed your family healthy foods when you can barely breathe between stages in your day?  It’s possible, and is much more simple than we allow ourselves to believe it is.  Let me show you how to take a breathe, reset your metabolism, and relieve ailments you may be suffering from by changing your mindset, and how you think about your habits.  Go from stressed and overwhelmed to having fun and enjoying all of the little moments in life.  Not to mention, learn how to eat healthier without adding stress to your life!  It can be done!

My passion is to provide programs to help you make healthy life-changing modifications.  PLUS, develop quality all-natural products to aide this mission.  Leave the chemicals and processed foods behind … gain a never ending smile, health and an thoroughly enjoyable life!


After thirteen years as a Certified Personal Trainer and Nutrition Coach, I felt the drive to pursue a more holistic approach for my client’s health and nutrition.  I am currently a student earning my degree in Complementary & Alternative Medicine, followed by a Doctorate in Nutrition & Integrative Health.  I have also earned the education levels for the role of Clinical Aromatherapist and Master Herbalist, as well as Nutrition Specialist certifications.  My education has allowed me to pursue my passions and share with you the knowledge I have gained, and products I have discovered along my path.  Over the years I have helped hundreds of women gain confidence, lose weight, and meet previously unforeseen goals. I am excited to work with you as a Holistic Nutritionist, and delve deeper into clean nutrition, all-natural products and a holistic lifestyle.  As a nutritionist, I’ve enjoyed a thriving practice offering community food education, farm and farmers market tours, and outdoor adventures. I bring over ten years experience in coaching and facilitating individuals and groups, supporting clients towards self-determined transformation and healing.


20150125_203903Growing up in Maryland, right on the border of DC, I was an underweight child who shot up to 5’8″ at the age of 11.  Being tall and lanky, and under nourished led to many injuries, and long standing nutrition ailments.  I was taught to eat whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted.  As a child I simply did not want to eat, I was bored with the process of eating, and felt it was “too much trouble.”  My parents did what they could to put food into my body, and get me to eat.  Around the time I reached the age of 19, I began gaining weight.  I was no longer running around climbing trees, playing baseball, and had stopped dancing as I had throughout my life.  I was also in a tumultuous relationship.  One with an verbally and emotionally abusive man.  I went on to marry him at the age of 23, and continued to gain weight.  Ultimately I carried 100 extra pounds.  After the relationship had become physically abusive, it took me about a year to build up the courage to leave and not go back.


After this time, I tried to lose the weight.  I tried all the quick fixes, and even attempted to stick with the healthier nutrition programs like Weight Watchers and Jenny Craig.  Which are excellent programs.  They simply didn’t work for me.  I would lose 30-40 pounds, get excited, decide I had the program down, and slowly delved back into my unhealthy habits.  Gaining the weight back, plus 5 to 10 pounds each time.  After running my first marathon at age 27, and not having lost any weight, I was diagnosed with hypoglycemia.  This was my wake up call.  The moment when I realized that what I was doing was not working!  I needed help and a different approach.

It took a while for this realization to sink in, and for me to fully embrace a transition into a healthier lifestyle.  It took a year of commitment to myself, moving to Southern California and meeting excellent, caring health coaches to commit to myself.  At the age of 30 I was able to lose the weight, and gained habits which were life changing.  I did not diet, and did not give up on myself, thanks greatly to the help of my nutritionist, and Personal Trainer.  When I was down, or giving up, they knew just how to connect and help me let go.  I transformed my life, and over the years I have slowly incorporated more and more holistic, all natural protocols and products into my life.  I fell in love with the idea of sharing the message they taught me, and became a trainer during the last few pounds of my weight loss.  Over these years, it has been the greatest feeling to see others feel what I did, challenge themselves, and surprise themselves by achieving goals they previously thought impossible.


After spending a year in San Diego, penniless, and living on friend’s couches, I finally moved to Austin.  My sister gave me a place to stay, and a fresh start.  My folks saw me at one point, and were fearful I would not survive another 6 months.  I was frail, malnourished, and struggling to keep my head above water.  The year I spent struggling was the hardest of my life.  I was trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle on less than a dollar a day in one of the most expensive cities in the country.  Needless to say I ate a LOT of bean burritos!  This time also taught me what it was like to struggle to eat, to find shelter, and left me homeless without a car or roof over my head a few nights.  I will always have a greater understanding, sense of empathy, and compassion for those who are in that position.  I am now an advocate for helping our communities be fed, housed and healthy.


A few months after I turned 40, I woke up sick and had gained 35 pounds without explanation.  My nutrition had not changed, my activity levels had been consistent.  I had no explanation, and needed answers.  The easy answer for this incident is a nutrition allergy or intolerance of some sort.  One elimination diet later, I discovered an allergy to dairy.  My all time favorite, can’t live without food has always been ice cream.  This diagnosis was initially devastating for me.  Today, I’m ok with it.  I have discovered a love for banana ice cream, which can be made fresh, and tastes amazing!

This was also the catalyst for my returning to school to earn my degree.  My ultimate goalC0060abc is to become a Holistic Practitioner.  Perhaps even a Naturopath Doctor.  I have a great deal of knowledge, experience, and drive to help you reach your goals.

Since my dairy diagnosis, I have me the most wonderful man.  He is caring, generous, and loving.  We were married in May of 2015 on the beach in the Outer Banks of North Carolina.  We are excited about the future and continuing this wonderfully positive life path we have found.  I look forward to helping you find your path, or simply transitioning the one you are on.

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