Have you ever done something and you knew you know better, but, for whatever reason, you did it anyway … I just did and am paying for it. What happened? Well, I decided to try a commercial product that I know has a great history, but I neglected to read the label. Here’s why this was a problem: I have used only organic, natural products on my skin and in my diet for years, and while this product is very well known I haven’t heard anything about its ingredients.  Out of respect for the company, I won’t mention what product I used (I sent them a direct message with these pictures to show my reactions).  The important part of this experience that you need to know is that it was a commercial brand bought off a regular cosmetic counter.

It is very, very rare that I have anything around that isn’t natural. This product has been around for years but is not known as being natural nor organic in any way shape or form. I used the night cream, eye cream and day lotion with SPF protection for three days and here is what happened:

All the red, blotches are the result of using a product that I did not look closely at before trying it.  The rash is itchy and initially hurt, but now is just annoying and looks fugly. The red marks are also reminders that I know better!  I am a holistic nutritionist and health coach, AND a student of holistic sciences … at the very least I should have at least read the ingredients, but I didn’t!  Why am I telling you this?  Because even the best of us make mistakes and screw up. I’m also hoping these skin reactions show you why you should ditch the chemical crap and use strictly natural products on your skin.  My reaction is what happens when your body is not used to something and comes into contact with it.  It also proves that what you put on your skin is just as important as what you put in your mouth.

Are you reading this and saying to yourself that you use commercial products all the time and do not have reactions? It is entirely plausible that your body is accommodating, and is used to absorbing the ingredients in the products you use that it doesn’t show up on the surface. However, what if you are reading this and thinking about the rosacea, acne, eczema or psoriasis outbreaks you have dealt with? Skin reactions like those are signals from your brain that your body is expelling something harmful and unwanted. If this is happening then your body has identified something as either toxic, an unknown substance, or something you are allergic or resistant to.

What all this rambling really is about is a reminder and strong suggestion to learn from my mistake.  When you choose your skin and household cleaning products, be cautious, read the ingredients and make sure you are using natural substances.  Avoid the chemicals and treat your skin well.  If you are like most people, this is a great suggestion, but where do you start?  One company I discovered recently has produced a line of skin care on the basis that they avoid products on their “Never” list.  Whether you choose to try this product or not, their list of “never” ingredients is an ideal guide for choosing products that are beneficial for your skin, and healthy for your body and the environment around you.   Here’s the link to check out (& use) their “Never” list. I am excited to try their products, but in the meantime, I have to say that I abso-freaking-lutely LOVE their guidelines and mission statement!  BeautyCounter’s Never List is now saved as a link on my computer and as an image on my phone, so I can double check all of the products I try.  This is one mistake I do not wish to repeat!

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