The one thing I never say is that I am a chef, I am a home cook who just happened to be passionate about nutrition and helping others discover how easy it is to be healthier.   When you reach the end of this video you will see why I say this.  Some of these recipes do not always turn out like I would like them to.  Part of my goal in this blog is to show you the good and bad which sometimes comes with trying the healthier versions.  Sometimes things happen.  In this instance, same delicious recipe, but the chocolate froze before I could spread it across the entire top — I can attest to it being just as delicious!  It just looks a little funny :O)


Milk – $1.99
Sugar – $0.79
Vanilla Extract – $1.29
Andes Mint Candies – $1.99

TOTAL:  $6.06 – 6 servings = $1.01 per serving


1.  Mix together milk, sugar and vanilla.  Place in container to be used for serving.  Freeze for 4 to 8 hours.
2.  Melt dark chocolate, or dark chocolate with mint.
3.  Immediately pour over frozen ice milk.
4.  Place back in freezer for 20 minutes or until chocolate is just as solid as ice milk.


Calories:  180

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