I know this sounds like a crazy meal to put onto a healthy meals blog, but if we’re talking in truths, most of us from the East Coast crave a Coney Island Dog with chili and cheese. This just gives you a healthier version. After all the goal of this site is to give you healthier options of your favorites, right? So here it is, yum yum yum …


Turkey Hot Dogs – $1.00
Organic Refried Beans (no oil or shortening) – $0.79
Chili Powder – $0.89
Cheese Chunks – $1.25
Tortillas – $1.25

TOTAL: $5.18 – 6 servings= $0.86  

Per Serving

2 TBSP Refried Beans, heated
2 Tsp Cheese Chunks
1 Tortilla
2 Turkey Hot Dogs

1.  Heat up refried beans, and hot dogs
2.  Cut tortilla in half, add 1 tsp cheese to each half of the tortilla
3.  Top with refried beans, then place hot dog on top.


Calories: 271.3

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