Legumes, beans, or “those little things you see in some food” … whatever you call them, these little guys are packed with nutrition goodness!  Pure protein, vitamins and a slew of fiber to help your body process and cleanse out the “bad” stuff.  TIP:  If you eat at least 80% of your the proper percentage of fiber daily, then eating beans here and there will not produce the tooting response we all fear.

Try this recipe during the week when you have a lot going on — it’s a great filler and snack food to have around.  So many varieties to pair it with:  tacos, on top of mixed greens, throw some quinoa or rice into it — VOILA!!  Easy, nutritious and delicious dinner after a long hard day!


15 Bean Soup Package – $2.29
Cilantro – $0.32
Vinegar & Oil – on hand
Veggies – you’re choice – my tomatoes and cucumbers cost $1.50 total

TOTAL:  $4.11 – 10 servings = $0.41


1 package 15-Bean Soup
1 bunch Cilantro
Veggies of your choice – refreshing summer style veggies like cucumbers, artichokes, asparagus and squash taste great in this recipe.

1.  Use your Crockpot – put 1 qt. water in your crockpot and let the beans soak overnight.
2.  Drain beans, and return them to your crockpot.  Add 1 C water or chicken stock, cilantro, pepper and any other seasonings you’d like to include.  Cook on high for 4 hours, or low for 8 hours (if your headed out to work – throw this on low on your way out the door and put 1/4 C extra water in.)
3.  Drain beans, put into bowl and mix in Balsamic Vinaigrette dressing, and veggies.  Chill for at least 2 hours to get it cold.  You can eat this immediately warm — it’s still just as delicious!


Calories:  240

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