This is one of my favorite ways to re-create potatoes.  I typically will make roasted potatoes using EVOO or using butter.  Last night I made roasted potatoes with a rosemary butter sauce.  I am a huge fan of making one dish and creating others using the leftovers.  It keeps things interesting – and my appetite is always read for the new creation.  Here’s a way I like to teach my clients to re-create their potato dishes from the evening before.

Do you have kids, and need a way to get them to eat a healthy breakfast, AND use up last night’s leftovers:  create a Mickey Mouse, Snowman, or a teddy bear (tip: Mickey and a bear use the same round ears — Mickey’s are just bigger).


Leftover roasted potatoes – Free  (cost $1.50 for 3 red potatoes)
Grapeseed Oil – in pantry (cost $4.99 for 1 L)

TOTAL:  Today: Free — from scratch: $5.49 – for about 6 servings = $0.92


2 C Mashed Potatoes
1 Egg, beaten
1 tsp Salt
1 TBSP Butter, softened
1 tsp Rosemary

1.  Mix together all ingredients.  (you can use 1 egg with as little as 1 C mashed potatoes – as I did today)
2.  Heat up skillet over medium high heat.
3.  Coat the pan with up to 1 TBSP EVOO, and add 1 heaping TBSP of mixture into pan to cook.  DO NOT let pancake soak in oil as it cooks!  It should simply be for keep it from sticking.  Typically up to 2 minutes per side.

ADDITIONAL SUGGESTION:  top pancakes with applesauce — it’s amazing!


Calories: 255  for 2 of these pancakes :O)

{the breakfast I made = 325 calories total}

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