A snack for a quarter & only 105 calories – YES YES YES!  

This is a simple, quick trick for having a snack on hand that is long lasting, and tastes just as fresh regardless of how long it sits in the fridge.  One trick I forgot to mention is that I will store these in the fridge so that they’re a bit harder to chew.  I also prefer chunky peanut butter, or chunky almond butter with these.


Natural Nut Butter – $1.99 (on sale)
Cocoa Protein Powder – Free sample (bought new you can get this for $1.00)

TOTAL:  $2.99 – serves 12 if you use the entire jar = $0.25


1 16 oz. Jar Natural Nut Butter
1 packet Cocoa or other flavor Protein Power

1.  Spread protein powder onto a plate.
2.  Take a teaspoon of nut butter and drop it into the protein powder.
3.  Coat the nut butter ball with powder until you can handle it without any stickiness.
4.  Place in fridge to harden the nut butter a bit more if you’d prefer that over the usual texture.


Calories: 105  (100 is the nut butter – 5 is the protein powder)

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