I wanted something a little different for breakfast this morning, so I went to my Pinterest Boards.  There are TONS of healthy and unhealthy recipes on Pinterest.  I modify every recipe I see for my tastes – without losing the healthy.  It gets easier as you do this.  Basically:  recipes can ALWAYS be modified to accommodate healthier choices; and the taste desires of yourself and your family.  This is my modification of this recipe.

I may not eat peppers, but the immense flavor that came through the entire egg was amazing and something I will most definitely eat again and again.  It was the perfect morning meal:  quick, easy, healthy and cheap.  A bonus is that you can use a cupcake/muffin pan, and break one egg into each muffin cup.  Top with chopped veggies and cook for 20 minutes or until the egg is cooked.  This gives you leftovers to freeze or refrigerate for the simple act of reheating an egg sandwich in the morning.  You can’t beat a homemade, healthier version of our frozen favorites!


Pepper (I used two from leftovers) – $0.79
Eggs – a dozen was $2.59

TOTAL: $3.38 – servings 6 = $0.56 per person for breakfast !


1 Pepper sliced horizontally
2 Eggs

1.  Heat up a skillet using slow medium heat
2.  Coat pan with either spray butter, spray olive oil or no more than 1/8 tsp. butter rubbed into skillet.  The butter or spray will bubble as you see in the video.
3. Place peppers into the skillet
4.Crack eggs and drip into the centers of the pepper circles.  It is your choice to make either fried eggs or sunny side up eggs.
5.  Flip individually at some point.  Get creative – I want to see your flips 🙂


Calories: 78.9 — this leaves extra calories for you to enjoy some fruit, extra veggies, whole grain carbs, whatever you’d like to add to your delicious eggs.

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