Ready for a delicious, refreshing treat during breakfast?  One that takes less than 2 minutes to prepare?

Topping rice cakes with a variety of spreads and foods will provide a delicious treat in the morning or anytime throughout the day.  This tasty snack takes 3 minutes to create then relax and enjoy!

Cost of Ingredients:

       2 Low Salt Brown Rice Cakes – $1.24 for a package of 10
       2 TBSP 2% Milk Cottage Cheese – $1.14 for container I used
       2 tsp. Jam made with fresh fruit – came in the cottage cheese container
       Fruit or Berries of your Choice for toppings

Total Cost:  $2.38 – 1 Serving per 2 rice cakes with additional list of ingredients.  Typically rice cakes vary in cost, they’re not rocket science, and are typically made with organic ingredients.  So go for the sales, or the packages that are on sale, and have as little as possible on them.


       2 Low Salt Brown Rice Cakes
       2 TBSP 2% Milk Cottage Cheese
       2 tsp. Jam
       1/2 to 1 C Fruit or Berries (optional)

Place rice cakes on a plate or napkin.  Spread 1 tsp. jam onto each of the rice cakes.  Then spread 1 TBSP cottage cheese on each.  Top with berries or fruit if you choose to include them.

Calories per serving: 128 calories (add 30 to 50 for berries/fruit) —- 0g FAT!

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2 thoughts to “Day 2: Rice Cakes, Cottage Cheese & Berries

  • miss donna

    i guess that's why i haven't been a huge lover of rice cakes…i wasn't topping them with anything. there's all kinds of healthy stuff i can throw on top!

  • The Positive Paddler

    Exactly 🙂 You can put whatever you'd like on those suckers – rice cakes are currently my favorite pantry staple.

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